Newsletter #5 - 3/3/15

Welcome to the first Roster Portal newsletter for 2015!

New 1300 number!

To make sure we can continue to offer the best service we have now setup a new 1300 number to handle both customer support and new enquiries. The new number is 1300 779 399 and is listed on the Contact page on our website.

For any phone support enquiries can we please ask that you now ring this number to ensure your query is taken and can be handled accordingly. You can also send any email support requests to

Locking Roster weeks

We have released a new feature where you can 'lock' a week to stop any changes being made to that week by other Administrators in your Portal. You can see the new 'Lock Week' button in the section above the roster on the View / Modify page.‚Äč

By clicking this button it will recognise you as the Admin who has locked it and for all other Admins they will not be able to change roster data on that week or be able to 'Edit Existing' that week via the Create page. But they can still view the data for the locked week on the View/Modify, Payroll and Reports pages.

A warning banner message is displayed for other Admins when on a locked week for the relevant pages.

SMS Networks

We recently had some intermittent reliability issues with SMS delivery and this was caused by the major networks blocking some messages thinking they were Spam. We have been working with our 3rd party SMS provider and they inform us they have reached an agreement with the Australian network carriers which will improve message reliability and delivery times.

Unfortunately we don't have control over the delivery of an SMS once it is sent from Roster Portal as each message goes to our SMS provider and then through the various networks, and finally to the recipient. SMS can never be 100% guaranteed on any platform, even from your handset, but we expect the issues should now be resolved. For any failed messages you send you are notified and re-credited as always.

Update on Web Browsers

We no longer support some older versions of Internet Explorer as a web browser and if you are having issues seeing or creating your rosters you may need to upgrade. Alternatively we highly recommend using the latest version of either Firefox or Google Chrome which are free to download and can be set to 'Automatically Update' so you never have to worry about the latest version.

To quickly see which is the latest version of each browser, go to the Browse Happy site where you can also download the latest version of any browser if required.

We have a number of other new features planned so stay tuned!,
Kind Regards,
The Roster Portal Team