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Simon Bond – Executive Chef, Southport Yacht Club (Southport, Gold Coast)

“I have been using roster portal for almost 6 months now and loving every minute, we are a large club with large customer base and with Roster Portal it makes rostering a job I want to do - not fear. I am also an apple user and this program integrates perfectly with I pad, I phone or I Mac.

The ability to contact staff whilst rostering is invaluable, the constant support makes using this program a breeze, not to mention the saving on my own time to write the roster as being a chef I can be back in the kitchen more often or even write the roster in the kitchen on my Ipad, I love it if I want to do the roster at home.

Saving 2-3 hours per week plus the ability to contact staff. I get no more annoying calls and I actually don’t take the calls anymore as the roster is always online.”

Donut King (Indooroopilly, Brisbane)

“Roster Portal was first introduced into Donut King, Indooroopilly in 2007. It has now become an integral part of our daily operations. What was most surprising was that not only did it make creating rosters easier, the staff really got behind it. It increased employee-employer communication and thus we got a lot more out of our staff.

There are so many wonderful features such as the individualised branding, the ability to contact staff in an emergency and to have constant access to the most recent availability and contact details”

Ilidio Capelo, Owner - Coffee Club (North Lakes, Brisbane)

“We have noticed that since using Roster Portal preparing our weekly rosters has been quite an effortless task, we are finding that we are spending less time on the rosters and more time concentrating on other aspects of the business. Being able to calculate and estimate our cost of employment with the click of a button every week just adds to the benefits of having this system in our current business.

Our Staff have also commented on the ease of entering their availability and making shift changes to their weekly shifts without personally coming into the store or phoning me. One staff enjoyed the fact that her weekly roster was messaged to her phone and that she could refer to it at any time.

We look forward to implementing Roster Portal in our second store and know that our store managers will find the reports a great help when it comes to calculating the cost of employment to ensure that our weekly targets are met.

We highly recommend Roster Portal and have noticed the positive difference it has made to our business.”

Corinda Day & Night Pharmacy (Corinda, Brisbane)

“The Corinda & Sherwood Chemmart Pharmacies have been using the Roster Portal system for the past year with great success. Roster Portal has significantly reduced the amount of time taken to create the pharmacy weekly rosters. With over 23 staff including full-time, part-time and casual staff; the ability to pass on important information is now available with the click of a button.

Overall the Roster Portal system has made staff communications faster and easier and would benefit any business using staff rosters. The software support has been immediate and the program invaluable to my business.”

Cafe Campanile (Robina, Gold Coast)

“Having recently been introduced to the Roster Portal system, I can now easily manage my roster to monitor and set the best weekly wage component. The time savings from not having to manually enter all my wages data into MYOB means I can seriously consider trimming down 1 staff member, which would be a saving of tens of thousands of dollars.”

Karen Robbie – Muffin Break (Robina, Gold Coast)

“I would certainly recommend Roster Portal to simplify and streamline rostering and to process payroll. It has been extremely easy to use with a good support and training back up. The system has proved to be user friendly and a very effective wage cost control tool.”

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Claire Lunney – Franchisee Shingle Inn (Garden City, Brisbane)

"I have been using the Roster Portal for over six months and in this time I have seen the system benefit my business in many ways.

Firstly, it used to take me hours to complete my weekly roster. This task can now take just 5 minutes. Availability of my team is clear at a glance. My staff love the ability to login and change their availability if they have an upcoming event and I love that I get a clear picture ahead of time. Payroll is no longer a headache and is easily completed in just minutes. The portal allows me to easily calculate my daily wages costs and I am therefore able to confidently plan my staff levels in line with projected sales. This ultimately means an increase in my bottom line.

Initial training was easy to follow as the system is very user friendly. Support has been exceptional, with every question, problem or request addressed immediately. I would highly recommend the Roster Portal to any business owner who wants to give themselves more free time and peace of mind knowing that you are in control of your roster and payroll processes."

Tracy Nolan – Shingle Inn Franchisee (Helensvale, Gold Coast)

“I would just like to thank you for making my life so much easier now! Preparing a roster has always been a pain in my life. By using Roster Portal it has already made such a big difference for my business. It’s so easy to prepare a roster in the first place and then to have the ability to look at the hours, estimate the cost in wages and then be able to adjust the hours to suit - which will then save me money! My wage percentage has been reduced by 6% within a matter of a few weeks. When I’m saving $100s each week the cost of Roster Portal is insignificant!”

Don Lee, Owner - Coffee Club (Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast)

“We have recently introduced Roster Portal to our Coffee Club business and very happy with the system and the support to date.

Before Roster Portal, each week I had to manually enter all the wage info into MYOB and it was a job I didn’t look forward to. Between my manager collating timesheets and then entering the data, it would take hours each week and quite often there were errors which resulted in even more work.

Now the payroll is much quicker and easier and takes me a total of 20 minutes, which means I can get on with doing more important things. Our manager has been doing rosters for years using Excel spreadsheets and he was very impressed with the system.

Support from Roster Portal has been outstanding and our questions have been answered immediately. I would highly recommend the program to any business who manages a number of Staff.”

Sylvia – Kurrawa SLSCC (Kurrawa, Gold Coast)

“The pay run was rather pleasant this morning!!! I did as you suggested, and it was done very quickly and pain free too!!! Ha! Ha! All done and checked by 10.30am and I did have several interruptions during the process.”

Jude Henshaw – Senior Duty Manager, Southport Yacht Club (Southport, Gold Coast)

“Since I started using “Roster Portal” I have noticed a great reduction in time as to how long it takes to do a roster, which = money saved. Better communication with staff. I know who is available and when, and with better communication comes a happier team, which flow’s on down to the floor.

It is a fantastic tool for working out wage percentages.

All in all I find it extremely efficient and easy to use. The back up service and training is also very good with the team only too happy to help where they can.

I have no problem recommending the Roster Portal system.”

Ben Wilson – Manager, Priceline (Pacific Fair, Gold Coast)

“We have been using Roster Portal for 3 months in 2 of our pharmacies and finding it very easy to use and a better planning tool then our previous Excel spreadsheet. I haven’t needed to make a roster related phone call since starting and just being able to click a button to communicate with staff is much more efficient. It’s great being able to SMS and email the weekly roster to staff.

Our managers have taken to the system thanks to the training and support and I can now step back to look after more important and profitable tasks in the business, and just oversee the process.

Roster Portal needed to do further programming to be able to import wages to our payroll program and I was impressed with the professional and timely manner this was carried out. They have only been too happy to fine tune this after the fact to make our life easier.

I am much more confident in our rostering and payroll systems now and this is showing with less mistakes.

Importing and paying wages takes literally 5 minutes now. It was a two and a half hour ordeal making sure all rates calculated correctly let’s face it “award simplification” hasn’t been “payroll simplification”! This system has saved me 4-5 hours a week.”

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Zoe Laird, Service Manager - Redland Respite Care Committee (Redland, Brisbane)

“When we enlisted Roster Portal, we thought nothing would help us fix our complicated rostering for our Respite Centre... however the team at Roster Portal sat with us, listened to our story and then assisted us to come up with innovative ideas to help achieve our rostering goals. Even now… the team is helping us to integrate more ideas and use this system to our advantage… We now don’t know where our service would be without it.

Thanks Roster Portal!”

Troy Reedman, Manager - Coffee Club (Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast)

“Our store has 35 staff and the roster was difficult to cover the shifts we needed and also give our staff enough hours each week. Trying to remember who was available and when was also easier said than done.

I have really enjoyed using Roster Portal and it definitely makes rostering easier. Communicating with Staff is simple and effective. I can easily see my wage costs and the forecasting tool means I can manage our wage percentage taking into account all the penalties. Staff are really taking to it and the leave approval system is great.

The time savings I get from Roster Portal mean I can put more time into managing the business and getting the most out of my staff.”

Amanda Perry, Franchise Owner - Coffee Club (Innisfail, Queensland)

“We have been using Roster Portal for 5 months now and from day one it has made our rostering so much easier. The training was great and our assistant manager and I were able to get the benefits immediately, saving at least 2 hours a week. Being able to easily forecast our wages has also helped manage our wage costs, something that was not easy to do before using Roster Portal. It is very easy to use and has so many benefits I love having all the information about availability and specific requests in one place when I am working on the rosters.

The Staff are all loving how easy it is to check the roster and change there availability and have all commented on how they enjoy checking the news page which we update frequently. It has just made everything flow better in the business.”

Anna Cooper, Owner - Petrie Village Pharmacy (Petrie, Queensland)

“I am loving the portal and has made my life much easier.”

Robbie Rickert, PA to the General Manager - Parkwood International Golf Club (Parkwood, Queensland)

“We have found this system to be invaluable, saving on wage costs, and also time taken in checking availability, phoning staff and completing the rosters – staff are able to log onto the Roster Portal and put in their availability and check their rosters. SMS or emails are sent to staff to advise of their rosters. It is fantastic.”

Felicity Sweet, Owner - Kingston Beach Dental (Kingston Beach, Tasmania)

“Our experience with Roster Portal has been excellent. It has streamlined our rostering and leave applications by having an accessible and central paperless system for management and staff. The support provided over the phone and by email has been exceptional. Thanks Roster Portal!”

Amanda Chang, Store Manager - Pie Face Southern Cross (Docklands, Victoria)

“We have been using Roster Portal for more than 2 years now and have always been satisfied with the experience and service. When we had technical issues with payroll importing after Paycycle was acquired by Xero, Roster Portal has been nothing but helpful in coming up with effective solutions for us. They did not just take care of the programming and technical side of things but also the liaison with Xero.

Now we can smoothly import our payroll from Roster Portal into Xero with no hassle at all. With the personal and efficient services provided, we feel very much valued as customers and are enjoying the peace of mind that comes with the whole package.”

Matt Cope, Owner - Bellas Parkes Pty Ltd (Parkes, New South Wales)

“Your product is great. I'd have no troubles selling it to anyone in hospitality. Personal business I've had a few staff leave, and a few more come on board, so its hectic, but your product is making it easier to fit them in. I'm currently down on wages by about $800 per week, and its only early days.

My percentage has dropped from 50 to 46 percent, I'd like to reach 44%.”

Tan-Ni Clancy, Finance Coordinator - FoodConnect (Salisbury, Queensland)

“I can't thank the wonderful people at Roster Portal enough for creating and tailoring an online system to suit our needs. They took into careful consideration all our requirements with great attention to detail and were so patient in assisting us to transition into the new system.

It's very user friendly and its ability to make reporting so much easier continues to astound us not to mention the amount of time it has saved. Thank you Roster Portal for saving me from going grey!”

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