Our Vision

To provide a user friendly, speedy and secure platform to help our customers reduce the time, cost and stress of managing staff on a roster.

Our Journey

In 2006, the developer of Roster Portal worked in a Donut King franchise in Brisbane, Australia and endured the usual rostering problems of working in an environment with many casual staff. Some days he would turn up for work and asked why he was there, and others he wouldn’t turn up and got a call from the boss asking why he wasn’t! Due to inadequate systems, each instance was a result of a miscommunication of the roster.

The roster was very haphazard from a Staff perspective, so when he was promoted to store manager he then experienced how difficult it was to coordinate the roster with 20 young staff. With the staff availability chopping and changing daily, the roster would take hours each week and almost drove a young man to premature grey hair!

Roster Portal Creative Solutions

He decided to use his IT and Business degrees to develop a simple and user friendly program, and this is when the concept of Roster Portal began. At the time, the thought never crossed his mind that it would become a commercial product which would help many other businesses with the same problems. The Donut King roster management went from taking hours each week to minutes, and the headaches for both staff and manager disappeared overnight.

From early 2009, Roster Portal has been heavily developed to take to the market and now includes a complete wage budgeting, forecasting and payroll importing suite. During 2011, the whole backend of the program was rewritten to world class standards, and this means our customers can enjoy a more secure, robust, speedy and feature rich application.

Roster Portal Creative Solutions

The program has been designed in a practical 'in-situ' environment with much of the current (and future!) features originating from customer feedback. Many thousands of hours have been invested to get Roster Portal both effective and easy to use for both the employer and employees. The resulting benefit to our customers is the program is absolutely relevant and user friendly to what is needed in the workplace.

Roster Portal now helps a broad range of businesses including Restaurants, Clubs, Franchises, Chemists, Pubs, Libraries, Respite Centres and Shopping Centre Kiosk teams.

We have a small, but dedicated team to manage the programming, demonstration, setup, training and support aspects of the business and our aim is to continue our growth built upon the solid foundation that has been established.

Businesses Save Money.

Managers Save Time.

Staff Love It!

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