Newsletter #6 - 20/07/15

Welcome to another update newsletter from Roster Portal!

Coming very soon... new Home page!

To give the Roster Portal website a fresh new look and keep up with market standards, we will soon be releasing our new home page. The 'Sign In' button remains in the same position in the navigation as the current website (see below yellow arrow) and will take you to the usual login page.

You won't need to make any changes on your computer and you may wish to inform your staff of the upcoming changes. At this stage the content of all of the other pages will remain the same.

Our anticipated release date is Thursday 23rd or Friday 24th July... we hope you like it!

Preview SMS in Contact SMS / Email page

You can now check exactly how many credits you are using when sending SMS's from the Contact SMS / Email page.‚Äč Simply select the Staff members you wish to send the message to, type out your message and before sending, click the new 'Preview' button to see how many credits will be used - see below.

You will then get a pop-up letting you know how many credits you will use. If you wish to see the content of each message and how many credits each message uses, click on the 'View Messages' link in the pop-up.

Please note long messages will consume multiple credits per message as per Australian GSM SMS guidelines.

New Timesheet Row

There is a new Timesheet option when printing your roster from the View / Modify page. This option allows you to insert a blank row under each staff members name so there is plenty of room to write in their 'actual' shifts for the week

Simply click the 'Print / PDF' icon on the View / Modify page and in the options pane at the top of the page you will see the new 'Show Timesheet Row' selection. After checking this you will see a blank row inserted under each persons name. You can then print your roster with the extra rows as per normal.

We will be in touch again soon with another update so until then, happy rostering!
Kind Regards,
The Roster Portal Team