Newsletter #4 - 9/12/14

Welcome to the final Roster Portal newsletter for 2014!

2nd level of 'Admin' permission

You can now extend the 'Payroll' password to include non-payroll pages which may include sensitive information that you prefer certain Admin personnel not to see. In addition to password protecting the Wage, Payroll and wage Reports pages, with the same password you can now lock-out the Staff Info, Staff Remove and Admin Settings pages.

To setup the password, go to the Admin Settings page and click on the 'Setup' link beside the Password heading in the 'Payroll' section. Enter your password as required and tick the 'Extensive Lockout' checkbox (see below) if you wish to extend to these new pages.

Web browsers, antivirus, firewalls and complications!

Roster Portal is an online application and consequently our customers use various 'Web Browsers' to view their rosters. The most common browsers are Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and for Apple users, Safari. Each browser works slightly differently and they can all be affected by an individuals Anti-virus program, Firewall and any blocks that may be setup in a corporate environment.

Due to the complexity of these issues, we have recently built in more behind the scenes logs and tests to try to isolate any individual issues. If you repeatedly see a error popup when trying to do something, please take a screenshot and send it to us to investigate further.

To ensure the best user experience we highly recommend using the latest version of either Firefox or Google Chrome.

Merry Christmas & festive season Office Hours

We wish you a busy trading period if you are open for business during the Christmas season... otherwise wishing you a relaxing and enjoyable time over the holidays!

Our office will be closed from COB Friday 19th December to Monday 5th January however if you have any urgent support queries during this time please send them through our website Contact page.

Thank you for your support in 2014 and wishing you all the best for 2015.,
Kind Regards,
The Roster Portal Team