Newsletter #3 - 18/9/14

Welcome to another newsletter with some updates recently introduced to the Roster Portal system.

Upload local images to your News post!

Previously you could only display an image in a News post that was hosted on an website somewhere in internet land. You can now upload images straight from your local computer similar to if you were attaching a file to an email.

To upload an image, go to the Contact News page and click on the new 'Upload File' icon (see orange arrow below). In the process we have also changed the location of the Save icon (see green arrow below) to be included in the navigation to maintain consistency.

Need to order More SMS's?

You can now order more SMS's without first sending one to access the 'Order More' link. While in the Admin section of your portal, go to the Contact SMS/Email page and beside the Approximate SMS Credits to Send heading you should see an "Order More" link beside the number of SMS's you have available.

Further warning when trying to Remove staff.

We have added a popup as a final warning in the Staff Remove page to alert to the consequences of removing staff. Removing them from the system will remove all their details including any previous rosters.

We always recommend you make a Staff member 'Inactive' rather than 'Remove' them and you can 'Inactivate' them in the Staff Info page. You are not limited by how many 'Inactive' staff you have stored in your Portal.

That's it for now and until next month,
Kind Regards,
The Roster Portal Team