Roster Portal Service Agreement

Our Commitment To Quality Service

Roster Portal agrees to:

  • Use our best endeavours to provide at least 97% up time for online access to the Roster Portal system. In the event of Roster Portal being inaccessible, Roster Portal will pursue all means available to them at that time to bring the system back online as quickly as is possible. Any outage over 4 hours will be credited to the customer, rounded up to the nearest 24 hour period.
  • Take all precautions Roster Portal deems appropriate to secure all confidential information stored on the servers and to take whatever precautions that Roster Portal feel are necessary to keep third parties from accessing such information.
  • Provide updates and enhancements within the scope of the current Roster Portal system at no cost to the user. Any updates that fall out of the scope of Roster Portal’s current offering may be offered to the Customer at an additional charge. These additional offerings would always be optional and failure to take up the additional offerings will not affect the Roster Portal current system.
  • Guarantee that the payroll file exported from Roster Portal is an accurate reflection of the Wage Rules and Rostered Shifts set by the Administrator/s of the portal.
  • Use our best endeavours to ensure any future Payroll import format variations are implemented into Roster Portal as soon as is practically possible.
  • Guarantee messages transmitted from the site via SMS and Email will be sent from Roster Portal to the third party message provider, and each message will be an accurate reflection of the data selected by the Administrator/s of the portal.